WAEC Runs Into Scholarship Season for Management Students!

The eagerly awaited West African Examinations Council (WAE) championships, the first such examinations in over 20 years, have just taken off and it is expected that this year’s test results will once again deliver some pretty good results. This year’s exams were conducted in four phases: science, language, reading and writing. Once the primary set of exams have been conducted, subsequent stages will include the subjects of management, health and administration. Some interesting topics and questions that you may encounter in these crucial exams will definitely give you a breather and also enhance your writing skills.

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The main winner after the primaries is expected to be Morocco and if anyone is wondering where they stand in the competition, just read the scorecards and view the rankings. The main contenders for the title of World champions are Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Ghana and Mali. You will also find the 2021 edition of the International Student Examinations (ISEE) in Mauritania and Ghana. Both these exams offer great opportunities to international students to participate in exciting events and competitions such as the World University Games (WUG) and the Olympics.

As per the International School Education Association (ISEA), students who successfully complete the 2021 rung of the exams in any one of the four disciplines will earn them a diploma. Students taking up science, language and reading will have to undergo a qualifying process under the ISEA to earn their diplomas. For students opting for management, health and administration, they will have to take part in a one-day orientation session. Management and health students can also take part in the regional and national championships organized by the ISEA. The ISEA offers various kinds of scholarships to deserving students and as a result, many students look forward to this exam season with eagerness. During the qualifying sessions for management, students get to learn about topics such as management and leadership, finance and accounting, supply chain management, quality management and various other aspects related to the management profession. 2021 Waec Answers

One can find many interesting topics on the SSCE syllabus that would help them to ace the exam. There are some interesting sections on finance and accounting, which are sure to give a lot of trouble to Finance students. As per the SSCE schedule, a student will be required to study global economics, national economy and global business. According to the ISEA, world governments’ priorities in terms of education, development and infrastructure are discussed in the SSCE. The following topics on the finance curriculum that will be on the exam include: world investment strategy, exchange rate, public finance and banking sector.

Competitors will be able to enjoy two camps during the event, namely the Camp Foyer and the Camp Mabes. The first camp offers candidates an opportunity to dig deep on their core competence areas and take a look at their strengths and weaknesses. This will form the basis for them to prepare on the test while the second camp offers candidates the chance to demonstrate their ability to master world wide finance issues. The Camp Mabes is usually shorter than the actual SSCE exam in terms of duration. Those who successfully complete the camp will go through the entire test in just a week as opposed to the four-week test that will be taken during the management exam.

The main winner at the event will then take home the trophy along with the bragging rights of having scored the highest number of marks within their SSCE. The top five scorers will automatically be declared as the winner and they will receive their certificates for the event along with additional study materials and an opportunity to participate in the next SSCE expo. The expo runs for just two weeks, so those who score high enough during their practice tests will be able to impress their future employers by scoring high marks on their SSCE exams.

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